Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Wakaya Perfection discovered the key to healthy living. Our BulaFIT Ketogenic Lifestyle is helping thousands of people to lose fat, get fit and stay healthy. Wakaya offers organic, pure and proprietary products that help you look great, feel great and stay well. From our exclusive collection of BulaFIT Ketogenic Lifestyle products to our 100% Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Tumeric, and Sea Salt, Wakaya Perfection offers the world’s purest and most pristine all-natural preventative healing products.

We have these products at our salon at our magnificent juice bar! Want to try them? Give us a Call Now or stop by for a free sample!

Where is Wakaya?

Wakaya is a 2,200-acre island in the Fiji archipelago. Here, organic ginger grows in a nutrient-rich soil created by thousands of years of natural erosion of volcanic rock. This volcanic soil is high in beneficial minerals, especially trace minerals that are vital to human wellness.

It remained uninhabited for 140 years, until 1973, when wellness-advocate, FIJI Water founder, and life-long entrepreneur David Gilmour and his wife Jill purchased island.

Due to the geographic isolation of the island, organic farming is a necessity. It also maintains the purity of the island and ensures the health and well-being of Wakaya’s culture.

No machinery touches our ginger crops, only caring hands cultivate the earth. No chemically treated water is ever used in irrigation. All washing of crops prior to processing is done with fresh rainwater from our catchment system.

Stop by anytime to learn more about Wakaya products and start losing weight and living a healthy life today!


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