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Embarcadero Delphi Xe 10 Crack




Delphi for.NET, the best way to build applications on the.NET platform Delphi for.NET is the official software development kit for Delphi, the most popular programming language in the world. Delphi for.NET is not a general-purpose version of Delphi, but a Delphi for.NET compiler that fully supports.NET for the entire lifecycle of an application — from source code, to compilation, to deployment and debugging. What makes Delphi for.NET different from other.NET compilers is that it provides additional features that go beyond those provided by the.NET Framework. It also includes a package manager, which is the primary mechanism by which you can publish and consume Delphi and.NET components. The Delphi for.NET package manager and the embedded.NET compiler are managed by the same product. Note: When you install Delphi for.NET, you need to install the.NET Framework 4 as well. How it works Delphi for.NET provides a compiler, package manager, debugger, profiler and utilities that work in a seamless manner. When you add a new package or component to a project using the package manager, the package manager automatically creates a Delphi or C# unit file, depending on the language you select. Using the compiler and debugger, you can see the types defined in the package and their layout in memory. You can then compile and deploy the package, or debug it locally using the integrated debugger. You can package up your code and components into Delphi or C# packages that are ready to be deployed as executables or DLLs. How to install Delphi for.NET If you're new to.NET, you can download the free developer version. For the free version, you can install the debugger, build and package tools, as well as the XE2 and XE3 package and component registries. You can't install the compiler yet. To install the compiler and develop with Delphi for.NET, you must purchase a license for Delphi for.NET. The current version of Delphi for.NET is 7.0.0, which you can download from the downloads page. Download the installer from the downloads page. Make sure you have the.NET Framework 4 installed on your system. Run the installer. Click Install on the Delphi for.NET control. Click Finish.



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Embarcadero Delphi Xe 10 Crack

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