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Should Parents Help With Homework Storyworks ((BETTER))


should parents help with homework storyworks

Help your child with homework and your whole family will reap the rewards. These engaging read-alouds make learning fun while illustrating important words. . Personal finance | Health | Business | Parenting. Should parents help with homework Storyworks >> Home Daily Calendar. Of course, there are some problems with homework. Home Daily Calendar. 15 Bookshelf Ideas: Should Parents Help With Homework? I know it's easier to just get Mom and Dad to do the math. In the world of academic achievement, the phrase "should parents help with homework" has become almost as familiar as the jokes about the stupidity of the English language. So it should not come as a surprise that when you look at the research on this question, you discover a lot of controversy. But this argument is not really about homework; it's about the parents who do it. Should parents help with homework? "As parents, we have a duty to help our children do their homework," says Shona Channell, a psychologist who specializes in children's education at York University in Toronto. "They shouldn't do it," says Linda Wallechinsky, a Boston-based author and journalist. But who's doing the real work? "My son gets 15 minutes of homework every day, but it's not distributed evenly," says my husband. "I have to do the math." I think that parents and teachers do more homework than they should, and I do the chores and the housework and the kids' homework. "I wish they did their homework at home," one of my friends said. "There's less pressure when they get home and it's not as overwhelming." "I don't think it's fair to my husband," my husband said. "He doesn't have time to do their homework. I spend all night doing theirs. Should parents help with homework? One survey by the National Center for Educational Statistics showed that parents spend almost an hour on average a day helping their kids with homework. I do 90% of it at home," says Thomas, a high school senior. But that's not fair, because he takes for granted the fact that I have the time to do it, and I do feel like, "Wow, you should do your homework at home." "You have to do it," says

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Should Parents Help With Homework Storyworks ((BETTER))

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