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7 natural hairstyles to try today!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Double twists

This gorgeous style is not only a classic but it is extremely versatile. Wear your individual twist in a ponytail, down, in a bun or wear it twisted for a week and out for the next week. Whatever you choose you can not go wrong with Double Twist.

Coils - Coils are always beautiful! They last for up to 3 weeks and give you a chic and edgy look. In the picture to the right, the coils are on the back and sides.

Flat twists - Flat twists are great as a whole head style or combination style, as pictured. Flat twist are similar to cornrows except there is less tension which can be great for people who are working to prepare damaged or transitioning hair.

Wash n go

The wash n go is an amazing style. The purpose of the style is to enhance your natural curl pattern. This style last two weeks and is always a winner!

Cornrows - Cornrows like flat twist, look great as a full style or a partial style. Cornrows with your natural hair last up to 3 weeks sometimes even four.

Braids - Individual braid are another lovely classic style. Braids with natural hair last up to 3 weeks. Individual braids are great for people who are active because of their long lasting capability. Braids are also very versatile you can put them in many types of styles just like double twists. The difference between double twists and braids are braids tend to last longer.

Locs Maintenance

Locs are a beautiful style that can be started with either double twist or coils. Loc maintenance is the process of tightening locs to give them a neat and even look. In the picture to the right is an image of freshly twisted locs.

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