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I can't say enough about the Twist & Go CBD shampoo & conditioner.  It has certainly been a game-changer for my scalp and hair. After trying several over the counter shampoos and conditioners that made my hair brittle and dry, I decided to splurge and give the CBD shampoo and conditioner a  try. WOW, I'm so glad that I did! The CBD shampoo & conditioner has made a huge difference in my scalp and hair.  Now my hair feels hydrated, soft and it's growing!  Definitely worth the money! 

Van K.

OMG!!!!  The CBD Shower gel and Lotion set (Rosemary Mint) is EVERYTHING!  So relaxing and it's like a spa experience in a bottle. 

Tammy F.

 My fav is the CBD facial with all of the essential oils.  The smell is so AWESOME!  Add a facial onto any hair appointment and the cost is only $25 vs $ worth it!  I'm thinking about ordering the facial products for home. 

Linda T.

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