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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Bulavita discovered the key to healthy living. Our BulaFIT Ketogenic Lifestyle is helping thousands of people to lose fat, get fit, and stay healthy. Bulavita offers organic, pure, and proprietary products that help you look great, feel great and stay well. From our exclusive collection of BulaFIT Ketogenic Lifestyle products to our 100% Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Tumeric, and Sea Salt, Bulavita offers the world’s purest and most pristine all-natural preventative healing products.

​Facts don’t lie, and according to the CDC and the FDA, overall health and life expectancy in the USA is on the decline.  Bulavita focuses on core health products that address 4 key areas of wellbeing; Digestion, Inflammation, Detox, and Essential Nutrients.

With this core foundation of health, ancillary issues such as weight loss, low energy levels, and other quality of life matters are more easily addressed, increasing the odds of our customers to have a longer and healthier life. “We simply could not be more excited” exclaimed Bulavita President, William Andreoli.  “In today’s fast-paced and high-tech world, consumer’s expectations can only be met with excellent service and rapid results.  Even stronger though, are the expectations of the independent distributor.  The Network Marketing Industry is no longer fueled by just a good idea and a webpage.  Our industry is big business and only those that can compete on the world-wide stage will attract visionary leaders and loyal customers.  With decades of experience and cutting-edge relationships, we have the resources of a billion-dollar brand, allowing us to focus on what we do well: Product sales and growth.”  Bulavita’s co-founder, Todd Smith added “It’s extremely satisfying to have the most effective products, the highest caliber strategic partners, and the most forthright leaders in the industry.  Our cause is just, and our mission is clear; Our health, wealth, and time freedom are under attack!  And we’re here to do something about that… If YOU are sick and tired of living from medication to medication, and from paycheck to paycheck, we’ve got a better way!  We’ve hit the ground running and are opening our doors with a 2 to 4-year head start. Join us!” “The current health and economic concerns of our nation will be devastating if allowed to run unchecked” commented honorary Bulavita Founder and Black Diamond Ambassador, Andre Vaughn.  “We have an almost divine obligation to do something about that, and It’s gratifying to know that with our simple product message and aggressive marketing plan, we can make a real difference by bolstering the good health of our customers and providing a strong income potential for our Ambassadors.  This launch could simply not be more timely for a nation that needs and wants what we have to offer.” About Bulavita Simply put, Bulavita means “owning your life”, which includes opportunities in improved health, greater wealth, and the time-freedom to enjoy both.  It is the culmination of decades of experience in the supplement and network marketing industries, showcasing a comprehensive product philosophy revolving around four core areas of wellbeing: whole body detox, minimizing inflammation, improving digestion, and providing essential nutrients.  This product mix, along with dietary and exercise guidance, forms a lifestyle upon which weight loss, longevity, and a higher quality of life can be built. 

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