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Dryer vs Steamer for treating your hair and the benefits of both

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Dryer vs Steamer for treating your hair and the benefits of both

A common discussion in the Hair Community is which hair hydration treatment method is better dryer or steamer. Today we are going to tackle this question by listing the benefits of both drying and steaming your hair will treating it. I personally prefer the steamer but, let's talk about it!

Hair Dryer:

A lot of us own handheld hair dryers, whether you know where yours is or not is a different question BUT, we all have them. Handheld hairdryers are used for quickly drying your hair before or after styling. However, here we are not discussing your handheld hair dryer we are discussing hooded hair dryers (or your personal dryer alongside our bonnet buddy). Using a hairdryer or hooded dryer is called dry heating. Dry heat is great for deep conditioning because the heat allows the hair shaft to open and the treatment is then easily absorbed.


Steamers are almost the exact opposite of hairdryers they incorporate a moist heat into your treatment method. Moist heat has proven to be beneficial for extremely dry hair and dull hair because not only is the heat opening up your hair shaft and your pores but it is adding moisture into your hair, ultimately hydrating your hair at the greatest level. Steamers are also used scalp therapy which is amazing. After using steamers people have said it helps their hair to retain natural moisture and increases the softness which is a good sign of healthy hair.

Which method do you prefer, tell us below?

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