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How to care for colored natural hair

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

So you just colored your hair and it looks amazing but now you feel like you may be experiencing some breakage and that's a scary thought! After years of growing your hair you did one thing to show off your lovely locs (add color) and your ends seem to be giving up! What are you going to do?

First, relax! It has always been a slight risk to dye your hair especially the golden blondes and platinum colors but it's also always been true that with tender love and care your hair can be back to normal and healthy with a snap!

Second, you need to begin moisturizing and tucking your hair away from the elements daily. Your ends have been through some trauma and need to be protected in order to recuperate

Third GET A TREATMENT! You MUST treat your hair after every color preferably immediately after! The lighter you color your hair the more often you should be treating it. Keep that in mind my platinum blonde beauties, we want your hair on your head, not the floor!

Lastly, Don't Stress or pick! Many things can cause damage to your hair and stress is one of them. Once we notice something about our hair we begin to stress and put our hands in our hair roughly adding to the breakage. Be calm and keep your hands out of your hair unless you are moisturizing, shampooing, or treating it.

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