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How to Detangle you Natural Hair

Imagine this. You've had your wash n go in for almost 2 weeks without any combing and it's been really hot outside so your shrinkage is REAL. You want to make an appointment at the salon but they are booked for the week. So, you pick up your regular brush to try to take on the challenge at home. You begin brushing then BOOM, the brush breaks and so does your spirit. Well, guess what?! You are not alone and we are going to help you get that hair detangled right now with our list of steps below.

Detangling your hair can be as easy as 1,2,3 maybe 4 and 5 if you follow these simple steps and you have all the right tools.

First, get your supplies. You will need a comb, a brush, a conditioner and finally PATIENCE. We suggest our Detangling brush and our CBD Conditioner.

Now for the steps.

Step 1: Separate your hair into 4 sections down the middle horizontally and vertically. These parts do not need to be perfect. If you feel a lot of tanges and snags do not separate the cluster yet move the entire cluster into which ever section it is closest too. Tie off the sections so they do not intersect.

Step 2: Untie one of the sections in the back and split the hair until you only have about an inch worth of hair to work with. It is best not to add products if you do not have to so first try to detangling without adding any product. Start at VERY end of your hair and about 1/8 inch up and begin brushing your hair work your way up as it becomes easier to brush until you get to the root. Be gentle and patient.

Step 3: If you run into a big knot or matte or your hair is very tangled and dry grab the nearest conditioner and place the conditioner liberally on the hair. Use your hands to work the product into the knots, mattes and tangles. (Do not rub vigorously, you will cause more tangles, instead gently place and squeeze the product in to the hair). Slowly begin to separate mattes and tangles with your hand. Sometime you will feel some resistance if you do continue to separate the hair and start the brushing process from the beginning.

Step 4: Do step1-3 until you have detangled every section and then you're all done.


1. When should I detangle?

Detangle your before every shampoo.

2. How do I stop getting tangles and mattes

Avoid leaving styles in for too long. Including natural styles and protective styles. Natural Styles should be brushed out every 2 weeks and protective styles should be removed and detangled at a maximum of 6-8 weeks.

Do you have more questions? Ask us below.

Remember to swing by our hair salon and beauty store for all of the products and care you need for beauty from the inside out.

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