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Natural Hair Treatment Systems

We know you've heard a lot about our treatment systems! We offer custom made treatment systems at our salon. The treatments feature our relaxing shampoos and an essential oil treatment mix that can stimulate growth, moisturize, add luster, and more. We are now excited to offer those amazing treatment systems for shipping and pick up so you can do them yourself at home.

There are two ways to get your treatment system. The first is to take our treatment system quiz! The treatment system quiz is created so that you can get the right essential oil treatment system for your hair. We have 4 predesigned systems including cleansing, moisturizing, repairing, and thickening. The quiz will lead you to the best system for you. The second way to get a treatment system is to create your own system from scratch from our treatment menu below. It has all of our essential oils and carrier oils listed and their benefits so you can pick the oils that cater most to your hair needs.

Once you pick your oils place your order and we will have it shipped to your or ready for pick up!

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