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Natural Hair Treatments

We get a lot of questions about our treatments below we describe our top 4 treatments and what they are used for!

Custom essential oil blend/hot oil treatment

You tell us your hair issues, skin issues, and even if you have a body ache and we mix our essentials oils to make you something that will nourish and revive your hair, skin, and body.

Dry itchy scalp treatment

Use our peppermint treatment to cleanse and stimulate your scalp.

Dry  brittle hair treatment

Use moisturizing argan oil and a steam treatment to open the hair shaft and input maximum moisture which softens the hair and restores elasticity.

Hair detox

Clarifying hair treatment which removes all toxins and dirt from your hair leaving your hair completely cleansed and ready to absorb moisture leaving soft healthy hair. We love to use this treatment for locs!

Your hair should be treated AT LEAST once per month in order to maintain hair health. Treatments are a requirement for healthy hair alongside a healthy diet. Have more questions about our healthy hair treatments? Drop a comment below!

Get one of these amazing treatments at our salon today! Make your appointment at

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