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The key to edge regeneration

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Edges are a HUGE deal and when you begin to lose your edges it can be alarming. Here we just want to give everyone one extra tip.

In addition to oils and growth serums. Scalp stimulation is key to edge regrowth and hair growth in general. Like any part of the body if the scalp/edges are not stimulated then there may be a lack of blood circulation that is hindering growth.

How to stimulate your scalp.

Simply gently use your fingers with oil on them to gently stimulate blood flow by rubbing your edges and scalp in a circular motion. Try to fit this process in five minutes per day, sneak it in during your fav show, that annoying teleconference, or on the way home from work!

This method is key because no matter how many serum, oils, and other products you get without out proper circulation and blood flow you will NEVER see the result you want!

Give it a try for a couple of weeks and tell us how it work out at

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