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Why do you need carrier oils for your hair?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Why do you need carrier oils for your hair?

Carrier oils, as the name suggests, help to carry the effect of essential oils on your scalp. They are used to dilute the essential oils and make them usable. This is because, in their natural form, essential oils are highly concentrated natural plant extracts. They cannot be applied directly, as doing so may cause irritation and itching like problems. Thus, for anybody who wants to enjoy the benefit of essential oils for their hair, add to their purchasing list some good quality carrier oils!

Some of the most familiar carrier oils used are:

  1. Olive oil

  2. Sweet almond oil

  3. Melted coconut oil

  4. Hemp Oil

Based on the essential oil you are using, you can mix and match and create your own combination, or dilute just a single product in any of the above carrier oils. It all totally depends on your ultimate hair goal. The hair problem you wish to fight will decide what carrier oil and essential oil you should use. You can refer to our hair treatment menu below to find out more about which of the Carrier and essentials oils work for certain problems.

Why do you need to use carrier oils for your hair?

Below is a list of reasons that clearly justify why you need to invest in good carrier oils:

  1. They make it possible for you to use essential oils

  2. Help in the overall nourishment of your hair

  3. They are rich in anti-oxidants and have vitamin properties that help boost hair growth

  4. Carrier oils are extracted from seeds or nuts of plants. Hence no side effects are associated

  5. Help boost hair growth and improve the quality of hair

Long story short, without carrier oils, you cannot even think about using essential oils. And without these, your dream for long, thick, beautiful, frizz-free hair, will remain a dream only! These oils are made up of natural substances and help provide your scalp and hair the nourishment they need to boost growth and improve quality.

Our products at are premium quality skin, hair care, and wellness products at great prices. So, its time that you do something to take care of your dull and dry hair and show your scalp and skin the care it deserves. Grab some carrier oils, mix in the essential oils, and see the magical changes in your hair quality.

Added perk: you do not have to worry about any side effects, or damages, as in the case of chemical-based hair products and treatments.

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