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How to maintain natural hairstyles!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Whether you are getting natural styles, styles with extensions, or even rocking wigs, hair maintenance is a requirement. Here are few tips on how to make your styles last!

If you are wearing a natural style use a bonnet and a scarf each night. You will need to invest in a silk bonnet and a long and wide cotton scarf. First, put the bonnet on over the style then use the scarf to secure the bonnet or to keep areas that need to remain flat, flat.

For extension styles like box braids, a silk scarf nightly is enough to secure the style for up to 8 weeks. For extensions styles like crochets with loose hair, we suggest putting your hair into a messy bun, also known as a pineapple, at the top of your head, and putting on an extra large bonnet and a cotton scarf to secure the bonnet.

Lastly, for wigs, we suggest removing your wig nightly and placing it on a foam head wig stand.

All supplies can be bought at your local beauty supply store, as well as Walmart or Amazon.

Extra Tip: Be sure to always moisturize your scalp for every style every night!

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