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What is a steam treatment?

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

At Twist & Go we offer amazing steam treatments, however, often times people ask us "What is a steam treatment and what does it do?" Below we are going to explain what a steam treatment is and the benefits of this type of hair treatment.

A steam treatment is the application of moist heat to the hair and scalp. Your stylist will use a machine, called a steamer, with water inside it and a cap to place over your head and steam will be applied to your hair and scalp at a safe temperature. This method opens up the pores in your scalp and your hair shaft which allows for better moisture absorption.

Why are steam treatments are good for your hair?

1. The moisture absorption! Natural hair can be prone to dryness especially if the hair is not treated regularly. Having a steam treatment that opens up the hair shaft and pores allows the hair to soak up all the moisture it has been missing.

2. Unclogs pores! Alongside opening the scalp pores steam unclogs the pores helping to cleanse and stimulate the scalp.

3. Elasticity! The moisture gained from a steam treatment gives the hair more elasticity which makes hair more resilient and full of life.

Isn't that awesome?! One treatment can take your hair from dry and unmanageable to strong and soft! Book your next appointment with a steam treatment today! It's at least worth a try.

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